Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lost Photos...

Well, I didn't expect to find so many photos on the old laptop and it has taken me quite a while to sort them out :( but I have eventually got to a point where I can edit them and add them to my gallery over the next week.  It has been a bit of a difficult week for my little one, the jet lag has taken quite a toll and she has been in and out of school.  The teachers have all been very understanding so hopefully we will have a better time of it now and I will also have a bit more time to work on my blog.  I do have some cards that I will be taking photos of but the SD card seems to have vanished from my phone, it must have made it's escape on one of the many occasions when i has been dropped :( Anyway, my daughter has a new phone so I will be able to use her old one and get some up to date stuff on her.

I have been working on a mini album and have found a way to incorporate my stamps in with it so I can do some 'in progress' photos for you but for now it is back to the washing and ironing of school uniform.  I hope you have a good week,

Take Care,

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